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Frequently Asked Questions


If you don't see your question here, check out our Terms & Conditions page, or send us an e-mail:




Some items are offered in pounds, some by seed and some by the M. What is an "M"?

1M = 1,000 seeds

If you need to order by weight, we can estimate the quantity based on the Seed Count Chart.


What is the difference between organic, untreated and treated seed? How do I know what my seed preference is?

Organic seeds are grown and produced in organic systems, without the use of synthetic elements.

Untreated seeds are grown in conventional systems, but have no further synthetic elements on the actual seed.

Treated seeds are grown under conventional systems and have a synthetic coating that is brightly colored. When handling treated seeds, it is suggested to use gloves and a mask. For organic growers, treated seeds are prohibited. Some specific seed treatments, such as FarMore and Cruiser, are identified on our varieties. FarMore seed treat provides early season protection against seed and seedling diseases, as well as cucumber beetle. Cruiser seed treat provides early season protection from sucking, chewing, and soil pests.

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What is F1?

Hybrid Variety: Cross between two genetically distinct parent lines chosen for specific traits, using traditional breeding methods. Hybrids typically show better vigor, uniformity of size and shape, and disease resistance than open pollinated varieties.   

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What do the codes mean under High and Intermediate Resistance?

Each code stands for a particular plant disease that the variety has a resistance to. To see a glossary of our disease codes Click Here.


Can I order an item that is on backorder? 

Yes! For liability reasons, we do not charge you for any backorders until the seed is in stock and ready to ship out from our facility. Backorders, excluding cover crop, are free of any additional freight charges.


Do you sell GMO seed?

Osborne Quality Seeds does hereby attest that no item in its product line contains GMOs (AKA genetically manipulated or modified organisms, genetically engineered products, or biotech products) nor has it been manufactured using genetically engineered organisms. Hybrid seeds sold by Osborne Quality Seeds are developed through traditional plant breeding practices only. Osborne Quality Seeds does hereby further attest that it intends to never sell GMO Products. Click the following link for our GMO Free Affidavit


I bought untreated seed from you, now I need a letter for my organic certification.

No problem, just ask!

You can also find our Organic Certificate here: Organic Certificate + Summary WSDA


I am Tax exempt. How do I let Osborne Quality Seeds know so I am not charged tax?

Please view our Tax Exemption Forms by state and email a completed form to


Do you ship internationally?

We ship to the U.S., Canada, and U.S. Territories, including Puerto Rico and American Samoa. Due to vendor restrictions, we are unable to sell seed to customers outside of these areas.


Do you give donations?

We are currently not able to process donations at this time. 


Order Placement


Seed Availability: How do I know if an item is on backorder or unavailable?

When browsing through our website click on the photo or variety name of an item. A new screen will open, showing pricing and more detailed information about the variety. Below the "ADD TO CART" button is where an item would say the below:

  • ETA is the estimated time of arrival to our facility. Once the seed is delivered the package will be opened, inspected, received, broken down into smaller prepackaged units, and entered into inventory. The backorders will then be selected, printed, seed pulled and shipped. Depending on the season this process may take 1-4 weeks depending on crop and seasonality. 
  • In Packaging Phase -This variety is currently in our warehouse being received and getting prepacked. Variety will be available for shipping in 1-4 weeks depending on crop and seasonality.
  • Out of Stock -The variety is currently out of stock. Links to appropriate substitutes are listed. 
  • Backordered - The variety is currently out of stock but we anticipate more seed will be arriving. Our ETAs for items are updated daily on our website. If you do not see an ETA listed below the backordered message, please check back to our website in a few days; we are still waiting for a confirmed ship date from our vendor.
  • Sold Out - We are sold out of this variety and will not be receiving any more seed into stock. Links to appropriate substitutes are listed. 
  • Crop Failure - The seed producers of this variety had a crop failure and are unable to provide seed until next crop and/or year. Links to appropriate substitutes are listed. 
  • No Longer Available - Osborne Quality Seeds has stopped carrying this variety and it is no longer available. Links to appropriate substitutes are listed. 
  • Variety Discontinued - The vendor and/or seed producers have stopped production of this variety and it will no longer be available. Links to appropriate substitutes are listed. 



I'm having trouble logging in/checking out on your website. Now what?

If you are having issues logging in to your account, try resetting the password. Please don't hesitate to contact us for troubleshooting or to place your order by phone or email. We are in the office Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm PDT.        

Common checkout issues include:

    • The billing address on the account does not match the billing address on the credit card. Please contact your bank to confirm they have the correct billing address on file. For fraud protect, our credit card process securities cannot be bypassed manually; this issue will need to be resolved with your bank prior to purchase. See below for FAQ on how to update your billing/shipping addresses.
    • Using the "Credit card on file" as form of payment. If this is not working, please use the "New credit card" option at checkout and enter all 16 digits of your card number manually. If the issues persists, contact your bank to confirm there is not an issue with the card.



How can I place an order?

  • Online:
    View the most up to date information including backorder status, crop failures, replacements, and pricing updates. Please pay careful attention to seed form when placing orders, i.e. organic, untreated, treated, pelleted seeds. After you place your order, you may receive an additional e-mail if we have any questions.
  • E-mail:
    Please send an e-mail complete with farm name, contact name, billing and shipping address, list of varieties by crop, variety name, seed form, quantity, and price. You will receive an e-mail back with an official order confirmation and any notes or questions about the order.
  • Phone: 360-424-SEED
    Please have your information ready when you call. We will need to verify your farm name, contact name, billing and shipping address and current payment information. Your list will be written down as you read it off to an order taker. Please include crop, variety name, seed form, and quantity. After the phone call has ended, your order will be entered and we will send you an e-mail confirmation or call with any updates.
  • Mail:
    Please send a completed order form with your farm name, contact name, billing and shipping address, phone number and e-mail if you have one, list of varieties by crop, variety name, seed form, quantity, and price. If paying by check we recommend waiting for an official order confirmation or phone call with any updates on varieties, pricing, freight or taxes before sending a check.
  • Osborne Quality Seeds
    PO Box 1647 Mount Vernon
    Mount Vernon, WA 98274
  • Fax: 360-252-8380 - With all the same information as mail.

Failure to supply all of the required information or timely responses to our inquiries will delay the processing time of your order.




Why can't I see how much the shipping will be on my order?

U.S. Customers: When finalizing your order in the checkout process, you will see the freight for your order calculated and added onto the total. Please note that cover crop is excluded from our shipping policy, and customers pay cost of shipping. You will receive an email after you place your order with cover crop seed on it, quoting you the freight cost. Click here for more details about our shipping policy.

Canada Customers: Each week our Canada sales representative couriers the seed over the border to ship order directly out of Surrey B.C. From there, packages will be shipped either Canada Post or UPS. Customers pay cost of shipping, as well as customs and tax. If you need a shipping quote in advance please contact our Canada sales rep, Dave Murray: 604-518-6953



How to select shipping address, carrier, or order for pick up:where to select shipping addres and method
Before "Continuing to Payment" in the checkout process, under "SHIPMENT" you can select your alternative shipping address (if you have multiple saved on your account), and shipping method by clicking the small pencil icons. Our shipping methods include UPS, USPS, and we offer free pick ups for local customers. Selecting the "Best Available" option allows us to make the decision on which carrier is best to use based on who will get the seed to you fastest and at a reasonable price. If you need to make arrangements for expedited shipping please call our office to confirm the cost of shipping; if we cannot confirm the cost or speed of expedited shipping with you we will place your order on hold until we hear back.



How to change billing addresses and add shipping addresses:

On the top right of your screen hover over "MY ACCOUNT" next to the shopping cart icon. Select "BILLING ADDRESS". From this screen you can update your billing address on the account. In order to use a credit card, the billing address on the account must match what your bank has listed as the billing address; please contact your bank if you need to update this information as we are unable to process payment otherwise.

How to create a new shipping address


To add a new shipping address to your account: From the billing address screen, select "Ship Tos" above the "EDIT BILLING ADDRESS". Look for the "Add ship to" button on the right side of the screen below "CONTACTS" (pictured right).




Order Fulfillment


How long until my order ships?Click here to view our current order processing times.

U.S. Customers: During the off-season (Summer and Fall) we try to ship orders out same-day if they are placed by 2pm PDT. During the busy season (Winter until late Spring) our order fulfillment times vary based on order demands, so we recommend placing your order before January 1st.

Canada Customers: There is one shipment to Canada per week. The order time cut off for the weekly shipment may vary greatly depending on the time of year. Please order well in advance to allow ample time for your order to be processed.

If you want to order early and have your order ship on a later request date, select "Request Date" on the checkout review page.  This is the date your order will ship. Keep in mind shipping may take 5-10 business days from the request date/ship date. Since your card will only be authorized, by the time the order ships we will need to re-authorize your card. If the payment is no longer valid we will need to call you and get updated payment. *During our busy season December-April, if you put a request date that is sooner than our current order processing time, we will not be able to honor this request date. Example being if you put the request date 1 week out for shipping but we are 2 weeks out on order fulfillment, your order will ship in line, 2 weeks or as soon as possible.

Where can I find my tracking information?

U.S. Customers: You should receive an auto-generated email once your main order ships including the tracking number and carrier. To see if the item(s) on your order have shipped yet, see FAQ "How can I check the status of my order?" below. If your item(s) status is "Shipped & Invoiced" please contact us and we can email you the tracking information.

Canada Customers: After your order has shipped you can request tracking information by emailing



When am I charged for my order?

We finalize and charge for orders when they are shipped, although the credit card charge is authorized at checkout. For liability reasons, we do not charge you for any backorders until the seed is in stock and ready to ship out from our facility. Waiting to finalize the charge allows us to make any necessary changes to your order if need be.



Can I make changes to an order?

If you need to make changes to an order, please contact our customer service department immediately to ensure we can make these changes in time. Once the item status changes to "Order Reviewed- Item Processed" we are unable to make any additions or changes; a new order will need to be created and processed separately. To check on the status of your item(s), please see FAQ below.



How can I check the status of my order?

Hover over "MY ACCOUNT" next to the shopping cart icon on the top right of your screen. From the drop down menu, select shopping history. Here is where you can view the status of your orders. To check the status of individual items click on the corresponding order number. The item statuses are as follows:

  • Order Reviewed- Item Processed
  • Shipping
  • Shipped & Invoiced

If you do not yet see a status on your items, please check our order processing times before contacting us with questions.



What do the order statuses mean? 

  •  Open -  We are still processing this order. If you believe this status is incorrect please check on the status of each individual item; any remaining backorders will leave the order status at "Open" until they are shipped.
  • Cancelled - This order has been canceled. Please check your email to confirm you were not already contacted by one of our sales representatives regarding this order. If this is a mistake, please contact us.
  • Completed - All items on this order have been shipped and invoiced. There are no remaining items on backorder. 



Can I return my order?

Canadian customers may not return seed orders due to international conveyance requirements, but U.S. customers may return seed in unopened containers within 30 days of receipt. All returns must be approved prior. No open containers or packages can be accepted. Returned seed may be subject to a restocking fee or germination fee if condition is questionable. Special orders may not be returned. See our Terms & Conditions page for more information on our return policy.


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