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Job Opportunities

1 Job Opening - Digital Marketing Coordinator

Osborne Quality Seeds of Mount Vernon, WA is hiring a Digital Marketing Coordinator to lead our social media, blogging, and email marketing programs.  Osborne Quality Seeds is a brand of Gowan Seed Company, which is primarily engaged in the sale of organic-suitable vegetable seeds to small-scale professional farmers across the United States and Canada.  

  • We are seeking a professional with 1-4 years of experience for this role, which has significant daily autonomy and carries high performance expectations.  
  • You must be able to represent our brand, both as it has existed since 1982, and as it continuously evolves, with a strong concern for, and an innate understanding of, our voice, our values, and our industry-leading customer service standards.
  • This position represents a great opportunity for a relatively junior professional to lead and execute a total digital marketing program for a small business unit, and to grow his/her career in so doing.


  Essential job duties


  1. Creates, sources, and curates consistent and effective social media content across the company’s total online presence (currently including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).
  2. Manages online lead capture and email communication program via our HubSpot marketing system.
  3. Edits and publishes blog posts authored by seed/farming professionals on the Osborne team.
  4. Assists with design and production of Osborne Quality Seeds catalog, as assigned.
  5. Coordinates translation of digital content into Spanish, through frequent collaboration with a remote Spanish-speaking team member.
  6. Continuously monitors sales data to guide content creation based upon seasonal appropriateness.  (Example - realizing in February or March, based upon prior year sales data, that we should be producing content about corn or pumpkin seeds in advance, because we mostly sell those products in April and May.)
  7. Gathers technical farming information, and produces durable/evergreen content (e.g. an e-book or video with crop-specific farming tips) based upon both self-conducted research and input from seed/farming experts.
  8. Acts as first level of online response to customers/social media consumer inquiries, passing technical questions to an appropriate expert, and handling general inquiries on a timely basis.
  9. Monitors and enforces the use of stated brand standards.
  10. Participates in meetings of the larger marketing team, which discusses catalog production, person-to-person sales, ecommerce, product development, and pricing.
  11. May occasionally help answer the phone, but this is not expected to ever be a primary duty.
  12. May participate in the design and production of printed advertising or informational material (e.g. to be distributed at trade shows.)
  13. Performs other duties as assigned.
  14. Must be able to work at a desk (sitting or standing) for extended periods of time.  
  15. This position is not expected to require much travel, but 1-2 trips per year may 


  Professional Skills Sought


  1. Excellent writing and editing skills are a must.  Formal technical writing experience and/or training is a big plus.
  2. Data numeracy, and the ability to understand business through numbers, will strongly contribute to success in this role.
  3. High attention to detail and quality standards are a must.
  4. Information-gathering skills, via both interviewing people and online research are crucial.
  5. Knowledge of social media platforms and practices, including paid advertising, are necessary.
  6. We desire a high degree of Internet cultural literacy, and opinions on other businesses which do a good job with their social media presence.  (We will ask you for detailed examples of companies, and specific reasons why you admire them.)
  7. A good sense of graphic design principles is helpful.
  8. Video production experience and photography skills are also helpful.
  9. Experience with HubSpot and Adobe CreativeCloud are helpful, but we will provide training to cover any experiential shortfalls here.


  Personal Qualities Sought


  1. The ability to strike a balance between putting your authentic self into content production, and understanding that you’re publicly representing our brand, and not yourself.
  2. Strong relationship skills with an internal team, because you’ll be sourcing information across a broad group of experts.
  3. We need a person with “thick skin”, who is able to accept frequent input (both laudatory and critical, and sometimes contradictory) from a number of team members. 
  4. We need a person who can produce content at a high rate, while also minimizing mistakes.
  5. We need you to be humble enough to consistently seek quality assurance review from other team members on content that you personally create.  We adhere to a standard that all public-facing content of Osborne Quality Seeds must be reviewed by somebody other than its author before anybody sees it.


  General Requirements


  1. Must be legally authorized to work in the United States.
  2. Must have reliable daily transportation.
  3. Must have good computer skills. 
  4. Must be able to work 8-5 Monday through Friday in Mount Vernon, and to occasionally work overtime.
  5. An energetic and friendly attitude, and demonstrated eagerness to learn and to provide excellent customer service are necessary.
  6. Osborne Quality Seeds is a diverse, collaborative, respectful, and fun working environment.  The successful applicant will fit well into this environment, and will enhance it.


  Educational preferences


  1. A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of study is strongly preferred.  Majors sought include Marketing, Social Media, Graphic Design, Technical Writing, and English.
  2. Relevant education like nano-degrees and certificate programs are helpful, and will be considered.


  Desired qualifications


  1. Spanish language skills (both spoken and written) are a plus.
  2. 4H/FFA or other farming experience is highly preferred.



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