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Seed Preference

Some varieties are sold in multiple ways. Please make sure you are selecting the right seed for you and your farm.

Organic seeds are grown and produced in organic systems without the use of synthetic elements.

Untreated seeds are grown in conventional systems, but have no further synthetic elements on the actual seed.

Treated seeds are grown under conventional systems and have a synthetic coating that is brightly colored (red, green, and blue are common). When handling treated seeds, it is suggested to use gloves and a mask. For organic growers, treated seeds are prohibited.

Note to Certified Organic Growers* Organic growers are usually allowed to use untreated seed when organic seed is not available. Check with your certifying agency to verify when you can use untreated seed and how to document its use.


Helpful Website Tips:

1. When browsing within a section, set your "sort by" preference to sort by "description" to better help you view if a variety is carried in multiple ways.  In the below example, Barron bean is sold in untreated and treated.


2. Using the search functionality is also a good way to view if a variety is carried in multiple ways. (The search functionality works best with less characters. Misspelled words will not show up.) 
Seed Treatement for Web 2


3. When inside of an item card, please view which type of seed you are selecting in upper left hand corner under the variety name.

Seed Treatement for Web


Lastly, please review your order in the shopping cart to make sure your order is what you want. If you have a seed preference and want it updated in your customer card, please leave us a comment in the comment section when checking out.


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