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We are restricted from selling watermelon seed to growers located in the states that are both below the Mason Dixon line, and East of the Mississippi River.

Watermelon Seed Growing Information
Citrullus lanatus var. Lanatus
Direct Seed or Transplant: Start watermelon seeds in spring about 3 weeks before desired transplant date, after last frost and once soil temperatures have warmed. Ideal soil temperature for watermelon seedlings is 70° F. Transplant at 48-72" spacing in rows that are 84” apart. Make sure to be careful not to disrupt roots. Direct seed watermelon seeds in areas with long, warm summers. Can be seeded 2 weeks after last frost when soil has warmed to at least 70° F. Seed 36” apart in rows that are 84” apart, thinning to 48-72" apart if needed.
Growth needs: Watermelon requires warm, sunny summer growing seasons for adequate maturity. Grows best in well-drained soil with regular moisture at first growth stages through fruit setting. Then stopping regular watering when fruits are ripening. Plants can be grown in black plastic or black landscape fabric to further warm the soil. Triploid (seedless) varieties do require a diploid (seeded) pollinator.
Harvest: When spoon leaf near fruit has dried and turned brown, when the bottom spot where the watermelon rests is yellow or when you tap the side, and the sound has a dull thudding sound.
Storage: Store at 45-50° F with 85% relative humidity. Can be stored for 2 weeks and up to 3 weeks if harvested before fruit becomes over mature.

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