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About Osborne Quality Seeds


Osborne Quality Seeds is an independent family owned seed dealer located in the Skagit Valley of Washington State, specializing in innovative varieties and excellent customer service for over 35 years. Our selection includes vegetable, flower, herb, and cover crop seeds, including both hybrid and open-pollinated varieties, available as certified organic, untreated, treated, and pelleted. Our employees are continuously working to streamline the processes to get orders to you as fast and accurately as possible.

We supply growers of all sizes throughout the United States and Canada with high-quality seed. We offer a Spanish language catalog and Spanish speaking customer service support for our Spanish speaking customers. Choosing the best varieties for your situation is one way to set the foundation for a successful crop, and our sales and customer service staff aim to provide you with the information and products you need. We work with many seed vendors, both large and small, and trial extensively throughout North America to find the best of the new varieties alongside the tried and true to help make you, our customer, successful.

About Us