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Cucumber, Sonja (OP) Certified Organic

ITEM SIZE 10 x 2"
TYPE Gynoecious

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Flavor and texture of Sonja continues to win us over. A smooth American slicer type, dark green with some attractive subtle striping at the blossom end, and skin with no bitter taste. The flavor is very sweet, and the flesh firm and dense with a great crunch. Sonja is a versatile all around performer that stayed slim and clean. Continuous harvest from a compact bush; plant a few successions and harvest your bounty all summer long. This variety is gynoecious.


Cucumber terminology:

Monoecious: Separate male and female flowers on same plant

Gynoecious: predominantly female flowers

Parthenocarpic: plants develop fruit without male flower pollination

Cucumber disease resistance guide:

A 0,1,2: Anthracnose, race 0,1,2

ALS: Angular leaf spot

Cca: Corynespora blight (target spot)

Ccu: Scab and gummosis

CMV: Cucumber Mosaic Virus

CVYV: Cucumber vein yellowing virus

DM: Downy mildew

PM: Powdery mildew

PRSV: Papaya ringspot

R: Common rust

S: Scab

WMV: Watermelon mosaic virus

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